Poem: You


   You make me question my decisions
   You make me unravel the past
   You make me feel regret
   You make me doubt my love

   2011©Agapin Edrayll
    Image: Pride and Prejudice

Poem: Amidst It All

   Standing here firm and strong 
   I stood tall throughout the storm 
   I was your shoulder when you battled pain 
   When she left you stranded in the rain.   
   Don’t be sober please stay strong
   I will catch you if ever you fall  
   But I hope my dear that you could see 
   That all this time we were meant to be.

   2011©Agapin Edrayll
    Image: Mr. Nobody

Poem: Apathetic lover


   We grew up loving each other
   Never a day apart
   Happiness altogether
   Sadness has no place in our hearts.
   Then you saw someone new
   And I learned to hate you too.
   What happened to the love that drove us together?
   Was it the anchor that tore us apart?
   Was there too much love?
   Too much that we grew tired of it.
   I never prepared for this to happen
   Because it never crossed my ever brilliant mind
   You have always and always been there
   And the thought of your absence pains me
   What more on the day of losing you.

   2011©Agapin Edrayll
    Image: Wuthering Heights 1992

Poem: The Treasure


   In this life full of uncertainty 
   Treat every waking moment as gift 
   Be it a blessing to treasure
   Make use of your life
   Live as if tomorrow you’ll meet death’s embracing arms 
   And learn the value of living 
   As if you were bound to live forever.

   2011©Agapin Edrayll
    Image: Heavenly Creatures, 1994
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