How The F is Hermione A Witch?

Lily is muggle-born because of her parentage which are both muggles. How could two muggles unbelievably produce a magical child? My theory would be because they are descended from Squibs who married muggles, then their families lost the knowledge of their wizarding family. So the magic that skipped the squibs may have resurfaced in their great great grandchildren who became muggle-borns.

One can be a half-blood if a witch or wizard has at least one wizarding parent but at least one Muggle parent or grandparent, much similar to the case of Harry’s children, they are considered half-bloods because of Harry’s parentage: pure-blood father, Muggle-born mother.

Also there is this Dagworth-Granger, Hector(HB9) whom Proffessor Slughorn asked Hermione if she is related. Prof. Slughorn asked Hermione if she was related to Dagworth-Granger, she replied that she did not believe so, since she was Muggle-born. However, It is possible that Dagworth-Granger is a Squib and would have lost all knowledge of magic from their family.

The Murder Of Gaea

The fast paced life in the city doesn’t notice the slow actual degradation of our environment. Technology has taken its toll on us. Of course we prefer comfort, who doesn’t? We shed trees for new houses that shelters families that builds their homes, no harm in that I say. But with more people coming to this world than people getting out, I say the trees are not enough to supplicate the needs. There are several solutions and innovations, all of them applicable and possible, the question is will we humans oblige? Will we stop our busy lifestyles and give back to mother nature? A few did (support groups, environmentalists…) but what they lack in numbers they make up in service and in deed. The plentiful few, I call them, those advocates who knock on your door, ask you to spare a minute just to listen to what you think is bullshit.
We are children of this world. We breathe the same air and lived the same earth. As our mother she fed us, watered, sheltered, and provided us with life while we the prodigal sons and daughters of this nurturing entity recuperate everything but  kindness. With her love we grew and with our new found life she dies. The vision of her coming to death pains me inside. If only flowers could weep and trees could bleed, it would at least reflect the madness that the prodigals imposed on them. Our crimes against nature will never go unnoticed. There will be  ramifications. There will be…There will be…We are all marked men of society. Nature has spoken and we are convicted. Let us reap the fruits of our actions. We are the proponents of our own destruction.

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