From the mountains of Mayoyao


These are the beautiful mountains of Mayoyao, Ifugao. A pleasure to grow here surrounded by nature's loving arms.  

Poem: The Sojourner


   Beliefs broken, Faith shaken
   God forbid, Am I truly mistaken?
   The road I've taken
   These thoughts I'm weaving
   Far, departed from the path of reason

   I am lost, Am I lost?
   Queried the puzzled wanderer
   I wonder, I ponder
   Does all who wonder are truly lost?
   If so, Are you also a sojourner?
   2012©Agapin Edrayll
     Image: Jane Eyre, 2011

Celebrating The Future

In this day and age, we have already achieved modernization with its peaks and troughs. We are entering a new era of more complexities and challenges that can now be easily resolved with a new intelligence in another form.

With the rise of technology as an essential form of service it brought vast changes to the world both constructive and destructive. Human inventions can ease burdens, uplift suffering, and even bring new forms of beauty into the world and to balance it out it can also create war as to what weapons are made for. 
Man with all his pride, glory and ambition keep on trying to duplicate the brain’s functions and abilities to keep up and top what nature has given us that resulted to the rise of human-like thinking machines. Now we are still the highest form of beings but in a short time scale what is regarded as the Homo Sapiens race will be replaced by the Machine Sapiens by which are created by the human race itself. 
Children do research via internet, the problem-solving, the researching and connection making is performed not by the child but by the machine. The trend nowadays when you would like to learn something is to “google it”. Then there are websites like stumbleupon, pandora, snipsnap, and various sites that offer recommendations and suggestions to users by prediction of users’ taste and preferences for an efficiency and less brain in part of the human. In a text-editing software like MS Word, what we users do is merely input mountain of text and rely on the Auto-spell and Grammar check for proof reading and corrections. These in its simple forms are a degradation of human thinking.
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