The Price Of Time

When the doctor informs you that you have a terminal illness and that your days are numbered, before asking how much any possible operation will cost, the first question that pops in our mind is “How much time do I have?”.
To economists and business people “time is money”. Life in general doesn’t go that way. Finding money nowadays could seem difficult but there are every ways that it can be done. Here are the facts: There are jobs all over the globe. Businesses are sprouting in every corner. There are foundations and charities pledged to help people and even beggars earn through out the day. Money can be obtained in various ways but the possibilities of making more time cannot be done. Oil is essential to our survival. Machines run on oil and in an industrial and technological day of age I doubt that its in-existence wouldn’t go unnoticed. Prices of items in the market and transportation depends majorly on the price of oil. But as important as it is, we may still run out of it. The same goes to money. You may run out of all the daily necessities in life but you still have time but if you run out of time you have nothing left.
Time is ticking. As every day pass by, time keeps on running. As much as we want our very own backspace to rehash the past, pause button to take a break, ctrl-z to undo something, and reset to start afresh and anew, it is not possible. We cannot store it in a bottle to save for later, and slow it up during happy moments. We cannot buy a gallon of it in a grocery store or sell it to someone else who is in need. When we spent time it is forever lost and unrecoverable and all that’s left to say is “What’s done is done”.

Mixtape: Chill Out!


In these lazy cold nights, you find yourself gazing at the vast concrete jungle. Gone are the trees and grass, they're now your local billboards and pave ways. But the beauty of the city is still a sight to wonder at for your thoughts that wander. The streetlights and lamp posts when viewed at a certain angle makes it look like an airport railway. Traffic when seen from above reminds you of the upcoming Christmas season and how it gives you the feeling of excitement inside. You want a break from all the stress being thrown out at you and you just want to chill-out. Be laid back. Don't be apathetic. Just care less now. Be CHILL personified. 

My First Post in Eons

Dear Reader,

There comes a time when you stop caring about anything or everything really. So what if that's their perception of you. You just got tired of making people understand you. You just live the way you want it to be. Who cares if you're awake when they just tucked in to bed and sleep when everybody's about to wake up. The hell if you just spend your time looking at countless websites, rereading books you've already read, eating only when you're hungry, and whatever shit comes to mind. They remind you of things that you should be doing instead of bumming out but you just let it out through the other ear. They keep on blabbering and your mind hums a tune you recently heard...and it keeps going on and on - the chattering noise and the humming. They are the constant reminder of reality. This time apathy is your ally, you are apathy personified. You don't know how long this would last, you only feel like it this moment, you're not a mean anti-social, its just a phase, give it a month then it'll pass. 

P.S. Hooray! I'm writing again :)

Mixtape: Work Hard, Play Hard

With all the deadlines, bills, and drama on your shoulders right now, there's no way you'll enjoy this coming weekend. Work is tougher than ever but you have to work to pay off all the bills. You want to party so hard but the deadlines are holding you back. When you get home there's always this never ending drama bothering you. 

You just want to relax. Let go off the bulk on your shoulders. You want to break free and fly. A little drink with friends wouldn't hurt, maybe they need this too. Plan out a weekend escapade within or outside the metro. Have fun, drink, be merry. Take a pause from all your worries. Keep calm and party on! Show 'em those grooves you got. You've been working so hard and you deserve a proper compensation. A perfect treat to a day's hardwork.

Mixtape: The Soundtrack Only Matters

It really didn't sound that bad at all. After reading you got a little confused, you felt like there's something wrong, but you couldn't put a finger on it. Then came the movies, you might as well give it a try for curiosity's sake. You came out of the cinema, thinking of all the things you could have bought instead of being rooted on the spot sandwiched between blabbering fangirls. 

Years passed and installments came with them. It became a revisionism and mockery of vampire films in hollywood. Bram Stoker sure have had shit his pants to this. Fan bases multiplied by millions. You love to hate it, but the only thing that makes you similar to these self-acclaimed twi-hards is that you adore the soundtrack so much

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