My First Post in Eons

Dear Reader,

There comes a time when you stop caring about anything or everything really. So what if that's their perception of you. You just got tired of making people understand you. You just live the way you want it to be. Who cares if you're awake when they just tucked in to bed and sleep when everybody's about to wake up. The hell if you just spend your time looking at countless websites, rereading books you've already read, eating only when you're hungry, and whatever shit comes to mind. They remind you of things that you should be doing instead of bumming out but you just let it out through the other ear. They keep on blabbering and your mind hums a tune you recently heard...and it keeps going on and on - the chattering noise and the humming. They are the constant reminder of reality. This time apathy is your ally, you are apathy personified. You don't know how long this would last, you only feel like it this moment, you're not a mean anti-social, its just a phase, give it a month then it'll pass. 

P.S. Hooray! I'm writing again :)


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