Lie To Me

Can you tell if the person next to you is telling the truth? Some would say no, some would say yes. Living in this world for 20 years, somehow I learned to notice the sincerity of people’s emotions. I cannot read minds. I cannot tell the feelings of someone especially if that person is really good in concealing it. But what I have, what we have are human primitive instincts. LIE TO ME is a tv series featuring Dr. Cal Lightman (Tim Roth), the world’s leading deception expert, and his team who helps in assisting investigations by interpreting microexpressions, and body language. The fun part is it is based on the real life teachings of Paul Ekman, a pioneer in the study of emotions and their relation to facial expressions.

Poem: Deceitful Victory


   The war is not a pretty sight
   Death came in and stole the light
   Even though a winner is hailed
   Still all are hurt, scathed, and pained.

   The more you look, 
   The more you’ll see,
   Men’s sorrow and cruelty
   They say time will set us free,
   But don’t be fools and listen to me
   This will stay for all eternity.

   2011©Agapin Edrayll
    Image: Schindler's List, 1993

Poem: My Uncharted Life


   Behold my uncharted life
   Having walked this earth
   Bearing the eyes of the negative
   I faced the trials and tribulations of mankind
   Rejection and despection
   Cries and demise
   Hatred and madness
   Devastation and desolation
   Tyranny and cruelty of men
   They are true
   I lived them too
   Though my sinful heart begged me not to But much to my
   shameful ignorance
   of this event they call life There was more to it than what I
   have seen.
   I witnessed joy and happiness
   Acceptance and admiration Smiles and blissful cries

   Forgiveness, Selflessness,
   Sincerity, Friendship,
   And love, Sweet young love. You were the light at the end of
   the tunnel
   that I was so eager of catching all this time.
   Now that I had a taste of your light,
   turning back would never be an option any more.
   For you are now a part of me today,
   and for all eternity.

   2011©Agapin Edrayll

The Parallels Of Lord Voldemort And Hitler

Adolf Hitler and Lord Voldemort, born worlds apart, the one is history while the other literary, a mundane being and one with magic, the other kills with guns while the other uses wands. With their distinct beginnings, life, and way of livings, they juxtaposed with their way of thinking.

In childhood and beginnings:
Hitler and Voldemort have uncommon beginnings. Voldemort was deserted by his father leaving him to his mother. Adolf had a strict and brutal father who was very disapproving of him. Tom’s mother was empathetic and loving towards his son and so was young Adolf’s mother who was always supportive and loving.  What unifies them most in childhood is that they were terribly unhappy, and both felt hatred toward their fathers. 
Who pulled the trigger?
As adolescence came to dwell they slowly found themselves in their road to ambition. Adolescent Tom was excellent in all his academic subjects while at Hogwarts. After learning that his muggle (non-magical) father left her mother (witch) to death and misery, his hatred for muggles grew and blossomed as he finished school.

Adolf in the other hand pursued Arts in Vienna after his father died. Unfortunately the artworks that he presented were rejected by the professor. In addition of having a difficult time accepting his rejection, his mother died of cancer. In time he had known that the professor that rejected his artwork was a Jew and so did the doctor that was responsible for his mother’s death, that became the solid ground of his hatred for the Jews. During these stages in both of their lives, they developed a hatred of no other kind that caused the death and misery of many.
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