Poem: My Uncharted Life


   Behold my uncharted life
   Having walked this earth
   Bearing the eyes of the negative
   I faced the trials and tribulations of mankind
   Rejection and despection
   Cries and demise
   Hatred and madness
   Devastation and desolation
   Tyranny and cruelty of men
   They are true
   I lived them too
   Though my sinful heart begged me not to But much to my
   shameful ignorance
   of this event they call life There was more to it than what I
   have seen.
   I witnessed joy and happiness
   Acceptance and admiration Smiles and blissful cries

   Forgiveness, Selflessness,
   Sincerity, Friendship,
   And love, Sweet young love. You were the light at the end of
   the tunnel
   that I was so eager of catching all this time.
   Now that I had a taste of your light,
   turning back would never be an option any more.
   For you are now a part of me today,
   and for all eternity.

   2011©Agapin Edrayll


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