Poem: Free


   I am but a mundane traveler
   I long to walk the earth, 
   I dare to climb hills and mountains,
   I will swim seas and rivers
   and if only these arms of mine could fly
   surely I will soar cloud high

   I yearn to fill this insatiable cup of curiosity 
   with new found gratification
   I will search for wonders and miracles 
   and venture the blurry immeasurable distance.

   I am, I will, and I shall!

   My very soul demands it
   Restlessness is in its nature
   It will die if not fed, 
   but will live a lifetime once enlightened
   The eagerness overflows and determination seeps in the air
   My only worry, my ever thought, 
   Will the flesh accomplish the will of the spirit?

   2012©Agapin Edrayll
    Image: Atonement, 2007
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