Away I Went To The Country Side

The death of one, the joy of many. His pain, their gain.
This sum up the circle of life.

I took the one less traveled by, And that has made 
all the difference.  - Robert Frost

These are eggs of an unknown creature. Imagine my horror
when I found out about it. Now I can literally un-see
it as if its permanently embarked in my memory.

What an unusual flower I wonder what it is called. How
enchanting, its petals resemble that of fairy wings.
Somehow I miss Disney movies already. 

When the windy breeze blow they dance like a
many-legged octopus. Looks like a lost
sea urchin or maybe it’s its land-based cousin. 

I’ve been walking home for a very long time, the roads have converged and pointed me to this one. But I’ve been walking this road for quite a while and the finish line seems to be far from near. I have a queer feeling that I’ve been living life just the way it is, wondering what’s waiting beyond this road I’m trodding. I’m wondering what does the end look like. A huge sense of doubt pervades me of what’s in there yet instead of stopping I still kept on going on. I believe we are all brave souls. Until now we are still walking even though the destination is unknowngst to us. There are those few unfortunate ones who threw themselves before reaching the deadline. What’s on the other side is another context, what’s important is how we weave our present paths.

Ifugao, May 2011


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