The Toll Of Stress

How would you know if you have too much in your plate? Maybe for most of us, we tend to do things more than what we can actually do. The reasons for that may vary. It could be purely professional, with your boss pumping you with lots of workload to do. Another reason could be impressing your colleagues that you can handle almost everything or maybe you simply need the money. Regardless of these reasons we still keep on saying “Wait, I’ll do that later”. Even if later came and passed we still didn’t do it. If you think you are one of them, then probably you are biting off more than you can chew. Here are more signs that you are turning into one major biter:
  • Why do I have a hard time remembering things?
    In this day and age, stress is now a frequent visitor to all of us. It’s inevitable that you might forget a thing or two. The best solution is to take down notes on a post-it or journal. You can also put an alarm setting on your phone to remind you of important meetings.
  • Why can’t I eat properly? I’m hungry but I think I lost my appetite
    You start to skip meals because you are busy. By the time you are ready to eat you already lost your appetite.  Be sure to eat at the proper time everyday. If in a busy situation, you can sneak a bite of crackers or biscuits.
  • Why do I just wake up for no reason at all?
    Sleep disorders are common to everyone but because you have many things in your plate more than the usual you keep thinking of what to do. Give your mind & body the rest that they deserve. The proper compensation for a hard day’s work.
  • Why do I have less and less time with my family?
    Unknowingly you might be spending less time with your family, relationships, and friends. Be sure to balance your work load and quality time with your loved ones.
  • Why do I feel burn-out all the time?
    Even after when waking up to a beautiful sunny morning you still feel worked-out. This is the obvious sign that you are over-working your body and brain.
  • Why can’t I focus completely?
    Being unable to concentrate seems less of a worry but in cases that you need full and undivided attention this could be a taboo. 
  • There’s too many! I don’t know what to do first
    Be able to keep up and manage your priorities. List down the things which is much needed earlier and those that could be dealt with later. Having a list is helpful when organizing. 
  • Why do I always feel ill tempered about everything around me?
    Too much intake of all responsibilities at one time could bother you in every aspect. Being stressed-out all the time produces bad aura and negative vibes which could affect your relationship with people around you. If you feel that the total negativity in your system, stop for a while and think of happy thoughts that could lighten your mood. You can watch light movies or a stroll in a park wouldn’t hurt you so might as well give it a try.
When they say inactivity is not good it also applies to over-activity. If you push yourself to do everything at once, it might turn out bad. Risking your health will make you more unable to finish everything. If we continue to work ourselves off we might be reaping the benefits someday such as long term illness. We should learn how to balance everything and know our limitations and boundaries. Remember, if you keep chomping big bites on an apple chances are you’ll hurt your gums or worse choke to death. If you take small bites at a time, there will be no hassle and at the same time you can savor and enjoy your food.
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