Mixtape: Feel Good Morning

As your eyes are still closed you ponder if you are awake or still dreaming. Today is just any other day of the year, no major events, no parties, same old boring stuff on the menu. ‘What kind of day would it be today?’ you thought. You are so damn lazy to rise. 

Life is being distant to you these days and you just got bored to go along with it. Suddenly you feel the morning breeze in the air, the sunlight slowly peeks through your blinds, while a couple of birds seem to be singing in some irritating yet snappy tune.

You wake up with a smile plastered on your face like you had the most amazing experience last night. You stretch out like an Olympic gymnast going for gold while enjoying the sound of cracking bones which is painful yet weirdly delightful. This is what’s great about mornings,  no matter how lonesome, boring, or fucked-up your world is, every morning it’s like  a new beginning, a fresh start, an infinite chance in life.

Feel Good Morning by D▲D▲ on Grooveshark


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