Seriously, Sirius

My all time favorite potter character would be Sirius Black. Gary Oldman is an all time favorite of mine and I couldn’t help to restrain myself to favor his character, but I did my best to separate him from Sirius. Most of you would choose Harry because of his brave persona, Ron for his very loving character or Hermione the one with the brains. In my opinion Sirius is a bit underrated and unappreciated among everyone. The way he treats Harry as his own son and only family moves me in tears, how he loved James so much that he transferred that affection to Harry. He was loyal to himself and to his friends. He was a part of this family who had a long time tradition and broke it. He stood for himself and what he believed in. He would have died for his friends, even if it was Peter Pettigrew (POA). Those long years he spent alone in Azkaban for a falsely accused crime, how I pitied him on how he could have had those years back. I feel pity and regret for him, regret for his character that he never enjoyed life to its fullest. That small amount of happiness he had after escaping Azkaban is that of a child’s innocence. Everything is so pure, so true, so sincere. He is like a child with a strong masculine exterior but a heart of a child, a smile of a child & the love of a child. Maybe that’s my motivation of being drawn to him because even I wouldn’t want to end up always looking back in the past. His death affected me the most. The death was so soon and unexpected. He could have done more, he could have lived longer he could have…he could have… Everything is all about regrets, my regret for his character the question lingers what could have been? What should have been? He really would be my ideal godfather, someone that will guide you, protect you and nurture your being all throughout.


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