Mixtape: They Say Forgetting Is A Gift

Marrying his best friend was the greatest decision she ever made, she loved everything about him, his hair, eyes, his scent, his sweet tender kisses, his cuddling hands, the way he makes her laugh and the morning whispers of his love. 

After Hogwarts her life has never been happier, she have two beautiful children who happened to have inherited her innate love for knowledge and she couldn’t be more proud of them. The Wizarding world changed so much since the war, blood status was never an issue anymore there was no more judgment towards muggle-borns. She was happy, perfectly happy. All is well.

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Sometimes she’d miss her younger self and how she never cared about the way she look but now she would simply stare at the mirror her youthful skin is now far from before and she could now trace small lines of wrinkles. Her only concern was a tiny blot in her forehead, somewhat that of a scar, it doesn’t hurt like Harry’s but it was disconcerting and bothering. She have scar marks from the war but it doesn’t bother her that much maybe because she knew where each came from unlike the dot on her forehead that she has no recollection of anything. Work has been kind to her nowadays, she is an official at the Ministry of Magic, a good place to put her wisdom to some use. With content and happiness she couldn’t wish for anything more. 

If there is one thing other than the tiny scar that bothers her, that would be Draco Malfoy.  Along with the rapid change of the views of wizards and witches here in the wizarding world so does he. They were nonetheless enemies back in school from the day they met until graduation, the hatred was no more, they were neither friends nor allies but maybe she could tell that their behaviour was at least civil. They were never given a chance to talk though she wouldn’t even wish for that to happen. But in some given situations that they’d meet across the street he would smile, not sneer, but just smile. His eyes lost the definite coldness and stillness but it was rather warm and begging. It was just a smile, no hi’s, no hello’s, just a smile.

She would often look behind her, maybe he was looking at somewhere else but tracing the way of his gaze it was definitely towards her. She wasn’t annoyed or disgusted with his stolen glances and simple smiles, maybe she wasn’t just used to see him that way. Hogwarts made a stereotypical Malfoy in her head and it would be difficult to eliminate it. With burning curiousity and desire along with her Gryffindor courage she dropped an item from a shop she’d been holding and walked towards him. She can see the sudden change of emotions in his face and if she could trace it, it would be panic. 

With an agitated state the man simply stood his ground and waited for the lady to come forth. When she was about arms length her heart was racing and with curiousity drawn in her face she asked the answer behind his smiles. They both came from a war and change is inevitable, she could see the marred features that was once perfect and flawless back when they were young. The man stared for a moment memorizing her features, and he sighed as he spoke those two words, “Just memories” then he brought his thumb to stroke the blot on her forehead, looked straight into her eyes, smiled one last time, turned around and strode away. Hermione stood motionless without any idea of what just happened, her question was answered though with the answer emerged more questions. Slowly turning back to the shop she’d been eyeing a while ago, she touched her small scar wondering what he meant and though she could never understand what those words truly mean, she will always remember that a teardrop fell when he mentioned those last parting words. 


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